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Sherrifs and Courthouses

Pawnee County is located in the southeastern part of the state.   The county is located on the exact spot where the largest village of Pawnee Indians were located (which is how it got its name).  In area, it is 18 miles north and south and 24 miles east and west, containing 276,480 acres of land.  On November 4, 1856, Pawnee City was elected as the county seat, for judicial and administrative purposes.

There have been a total of four Courthouses at the present site of the Courthouse.  The first one was started in 1858 and got no further than the erection of a frame and was leveled in 1860 by a wind storm.   The second one was started in 1869, but due to inadequate space was rebuilt in 1878.  In 1911 the Courthouse was again rebuilt, due to inadequate space, and is still used today.  The jail and living quarters are no longer utilized and prisoners are lodged at surrounding counties.

Until 1914 sheriffs in Pawnee County were elected to office every two years.   Since 1893 there have been fifteen men and one woman to hold the office of Pawnee County Sheriff.

1893-1895   J. G. Sloan
1895-1901   M. D. Anderson
1901-1903   Cloud Fuller
1903-1907   Gabriel R. Martin
1907-1911   Cloud Fuller

On May 29, 1911, the community of Pawnee County was shocked by the murder of Sheriff Cloud Fuller, at the Lepley school, just across the state line in Kansas.  Sheriff Fuller was murdered by James Fielder for the murder of three members of the McVitty family.  Fielder had been surrounded in the cob-house in the school yard.  Fielder shot the unarmed sheriff three times, fatally wounding him, and then took his own life.

1912-1914   J. C. Raper
1914-1922   John C. McClung
1922-1934   Guy E. Avery
1934-1946   Michael J. Donahue
1946-1950   W. E. "Gene" Parker
1950-1961   Leland Hunzeker
1961-1987   Charles J. Hall

Sheriff Hall was first appointed to finish the term of Sheriff Hunzeker.

1987-1997   John F. Schulze
1998-2000   Art Baldridge
2001-2003   Robert Hickey
2004...        Jayme Reed


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