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Post office established November 1, 1897 and discontinued July 10, 1900. Named for Alexander D. Shaffer, the first postmaster.

Shafferville (or Shaffertown as many residents called it) was a country store located southeast of Pawnee City. It was located in the southwest fourth of section 34, in Clay precinct. It did good business around 1900. Mr. Shaffer could see the need for a store, so he leased a small piece of land from James Richardson with the understanding that he wouldn't sell on Sunday. He built a four-room cottage using the front room as a store. He installed shelves, a counter, a coffee grinder, and sold staple tobacco, kerosene, and calico. Mr. Shaffer also sold pop, which he made. The bottles had a wire top that held down a rubber cork. The pop was drunk through the wire. He cooled the drinks by tying a long rope to a large pail of bottled pop and lowering it into a deep well.

Mr. Shaffer's son, Dud, had a blacksmith shop close by the store. As time went on, Mr. Shaffer was selling too many things on Sunday, causing trouble with Mr. Richardson. When his lease expired, he bought two acres of land from Walt and Albert Story and moved his store there.

He was doing such good business that he decided to expand. He made a large sales wagon and loaded it with supplies. He traveled around the area, returning home each night. Mrs. Shaffer tended the store during the day. Farmers could expect Mr. Shaffer once a week. He built a rack on top of his wagon for eggs and chickens, which he would take in exchange for his merchandise.

Mr. Shaffer made small post office pigeonholes in his store for the mail which was bought from Pawnee City for close neighbors. It was carried by "Doc" Finney.

When Mr. Shaffer died, his son took over. Later, he closed the store and rented the house to farmers. It has since been moved away.

Names of the early settlers included Alf McConaughey, John Byers, John Wertz, Bill Stewart, Pete Newman, Frank Bethel, Scott Matthews, and Edgar Clark.

From Shafferville by Grace Brown McHugh. Information collected by Mrs. Jeanette Miller Ulmer. Location 33 & 34-1-11 SE 1/4 NE 1/4.

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