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Census not available. Post office established February 25, 1890 and discontinued August 30, 1919. Named in honor of W.J. Bookwalter, who formerly owned the land on which the town was built.

In 1880, J.W. Bookwalter bought many land grants for $5 to $10 per acre until he owned about one third of Mission Creek precinct. In 1889, the Northwestern railroad was built from Kansas City to Virginia, so Mr. Bookwalter laid out his town.

Trees were planted and streets laid out and named, some for Bookwalter's children. Bookwalter flourished for a while with two stores, a blacksmith shop, and elevator, and a depot. J.M. Bookwalter had an office, and there were many residences. It was the shipping point for stock and grain for miles around.

The school was organized in 1889, classes being held in a store at first. Sunday school was held in the school until the Methodists build a church in 1904. It burned in 1948. By 1920, the railroad was closed. Business decreased and the town ceased to flourish. Only the schoolhouse and a few houses remained by 1955. As of 2009, no buildings remain.

From History of Mission Creek by Mrs. W.J. Barr, October 27, 1955. Information was collected by Mrs. Jeanette Miller Ulmer. Location Section 11-1-9.

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