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Cincinnati Village

In April 1854, the first settlers came to South Fork -- the bluffs east of DuBois later known as Cincinnati.  Today Cincinnati is merely a name.  During the 1880's, a fire that started in the hotel devastated the community.

In 1886, DuBois was platted by Capt. Charles J. DuBois, chief manager for the Rock Island Railroad.  The town grew rapidly.  Some of the early businesses included the lumberyard with Horace Zollin as manager, E. E. Gray's Drugstore, Sarback and Friends, Gents Furnishing store, Billy Edwards candy and tobacco, McElbaney brothers General Merchandise, A. G. Atchinson General Merchandise, Meek and Skinner Hardware, Haze House by Mrs. Rose Butler, and Fred Korber's butcher shop.  Stockyards were east of the Rock Island Depot and the two elevators of DuBois handled more grain than any other town on the line.

Free tuition attracted students from miles around to the DuBois school Dist. No 8, which was first held in a small log cabin South of town near Lores Branch.  The State Bank of DuBois was incorporated Sept. 1, 1886.  Fires of 1913 destroyed all of the buildings on that block from the bank north to the corner.  The bank was saved.  Three doctors from Cincinnati came to DuBois -- Dr. Charles Jackson, Dr. N. S. Wright, and Dr. J. W. Bullard.  Social clubs and lodges were formed such as the South Fork Lodge, Knights of Pythias, Pythias Sisters, Knights and Ladies of Security, American Legion, Garden Club, FUN Club, and Birthday Club.

Electricity came through in 1915 and running water in 1925. Later businesses of the early 1950's included the bank, EUB and Bible churches, K of P Lodge, Freda Hofomenns grocery store, Fred Korber grocery store with a locker, a post office, telephone system, Searcey elevator, Korber filling station, Meier's garage, Cutshall garage and trucking, Chaya garage, Polend's pool hall, Trecek's saloon, Hayward's barber shop, Peek's cafe, Dobrovoney's carpenter shop, Jesse Smith's poultry business, Sebring electrician, and Hartung painters.


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