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Neal Bray's Ancestors in Pawnee City as of 1887



JH Bray

Bray family socializing at the James Houston Bray
residence in Pawnee City, Nebraska


Do you recognize the photo above, and can you identify anyone appearing here?  Can you confirm or add to the following identities? These folks are believed to be (from left to right):

Henry Oscar Bray, Susan Lydora (Wallar) Bray, William Ichabod Bray, Emily J. (Shaffer) Bray, Florence E. Bray, James Houston Bray, Mary Jane (Aikins) Bray, unknown, Will Aikins. Those further to the right may be the Aikins family, and the children in front may be William and Emily Bray's daughters.

If you can help, please contact Neal Bray

Henry & Susan Bray

Henry Oscar Bray & Susan Lydora (Wallar) Bray

Foster (photographer)

Photos property of Neal Bray

Photographer J. C. Foster's office was located on the north side of the city
square across from the court house in Pawnee City.
Foster took these pictures in the year 1887.

Submitted by Neal Bray, April 1998

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